Hight Energy Teambuilder games Part 2

What is teambuilders teamwork games ?

Teambuilders games make up the next section of this packet. These teamwork games differ from icebreakers teamwork games. In that they involve follow-up discussion that should teach leadership lessons or further illustrate important leadership practices. The teambuilders teamworkgames in this packet are categorized as “high energy”, “low energy”, or “problem-solving” activities. All of these experiential teamwork games are designed to help new and established teams build trust, gain confidence, enhance communication and decision- making skills, and illuminate a variety of different leadership styles and techniques.

teamwork games

Clam Free.

  • Supplies Needed: Frisbee or ball type device.
  • Number of People: Any size group.
  • Instructions:

Start by defining the boundaries of the playing field. One person volunteers to be the nuclear reactor and activates himself/herself with a Frisbee or nerf ball. The rest of the group members are clams and signify so by being as happy as possible.The object of the games is for the nuclear reactor to contaminate all the clams by tagging them with the Frisbee. Once contaminated, the clams become frozen in place. As the reactor chases and tags the clams, it would appear that doomsday is just around the corner, at lease for the hapless clams that are getting zapped one after another. There is hope, however, a frozen clam can be defrosted if two mobile clams manage to link hands around him/her in a clamshell-like alliance and shout, “Clam free!” Better yet, if seven clams can manage to link up in a circle and count to ten, then the nuclear reactor is shut down forever.

  • Debriefing Questions:
  1. How did it feel to rely on others to set you free?
  2. Did any of you manage to link seven in a circle? If so, describe the
  3. process? If not, describe some of the difficulties?
  4. What did this game show you about team work?
  5. As the reactor, how did it feel to be working independently?

Cocoon the Platoon.

  • Supplies Needed: New roll of masking tape per team.
  • Number of People: 12 or more.
  • Instructions:

Divide your group into even teams with 6 to 12 in each team. Have each team line up relay style, fairly close to the person in front of them, with everyone facing forward.

Place identical, new rolls of masking tape on the floor in front of the first person in each line. On “Go”, the first person in each line picks up the roll of tape, and begins removing a strip of tape. They stick the first foot or two of the roll across their stomachs, and pass the roll to the person behind them, who continues passing, and unrolling the tape to the next one in line. When the tape reaches the last person in line, she passes the roll behind her back, sticking a stretch of it to her back, then sends the roll back up the line, on the opposite side. This cocooning of the team continues until the roll of tape is used up. The first team to raise an empty tape tube gives a cheer!

(Optional: Now that the group is all tied up, they can try a caterpillar obstacle course.)

  • Debriefing Questions:
  1. Did you become frustrated with other members of the group? Why?
  2. Were you willing to compromise your usual physical comfort zone (by moving closer to the person in front of you) in order for the goal of the team to be fulfilled?3) What else did you learn from this activity? Is it an individual or team activity?

Getting Close.

  • Supplies Needed: Hula hoop, 1 round balloon or 1 oblong balloon.
  • Number of People: 10-100.
  • Instructions:

Participants stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder. The facilitator starts with the round balloon under his neck OR the oblong balloon between his knees OR the hula hoop around his waist (or all three!). Without breaking the chain or un-holding hands, the round balloon gets passed from chin to chin OR the oblong balloon from knees to knees OR the hula hoop from waist to waist (or all three!).

  • Debriefing Questions:
  1. Did you get frustrated with other team members?
  2. Did you think the task was harder or easier than you imagined?
  3. Did you see the impact you had on your team when you were working individually?

Mine Field

  • Supplies Needed: Tennis balls or paper plates, blindfolds.
  • Number of People: Any size group.
  • Instructions:

The object of the activity is to have the blindfolded participants make it through the minefield without stepping on and/or touching any “mines”. Begin by placing tennis balls (or paper plates) all over the ground. These tennis balls will represent mines. Next, instruct your group to get into pairs (if group is uneven number, participants can be switched to ensure everyone has a chance to participate). One member of each pair will be blindfolded during the activity. In addition to being blindfolded, they will be unable to speak. The other member of each pair will be giving directions to their partner. The only directions that can be given are left, right,forward, and back. If a mine is touched, the pair must start over. Several pairs will be going through the minefield at the same time so it is vital that blindfolded members listen carefully to their partner.

*Note: Instead of using directional words listed above, you can substitute nonrelated words. For example, apple= move to your left, orange= move forward, etc.

  • Debriefing Questions:

1) What strategy or technique did you use to make it through the minefield?

2) Did you trust your partner? How did you come to trust them?

3) What reservations did you have about you position in the pair?

4) Was it easier just following directions or would it have been better if you could have asked clarifying questions? Why?


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