Island Game _ Teamwork Initiatives


Teamwork Initiatives.

Island Teamwork Game.

Estimated Time: 30 – 60 min.

Supplies: 9 blocks (wooden blocks, cinder blocks or pieces of cardboard); a flat roomy area.


  1. Blocks should be one medium size step apart – about 1.5 feet.
  2. Make sure the blocks are level and cannot tip.

Basic Description:

Your team is on an expedition discovering new lands and territory to be conquered by your home country. Your team has just reached the brink of new discovery when you find a river of hot lava blocks your way. Luckily there is a line of islands that reach accross the stream. Your team must cross the islands to reach the new land. There are a few catches. Your team must hold hands while any one is on the islands to make sure no one falls in and after a foot touches an island that island must have a foot on it at all times until the last team member removes his foot.


1) The teamwork initiative begins when the entire team is connected (holding hands), behind the starting line.

2) The team must use the islands, and in numeric order (1-9). They cannot skip over bricks.

3) If any member of the team touches the lava at any time during the initiative the entire team must start over at the starting line.

4) The team must be connected at all times (holding hands) if the team disconnects at any time the entire team must start over at the starting line.

5) Once the team has touched a block, a member of the team must always have contact with that brick (a foot on it) until the last team member passes the brick.

6) The team successfully completes the initiative when every team member makes it past the finish line using only the bricks – with no lava touches, brick misses, or disconnections.

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The Key:

The way to complete this initiative is to have the team work in rhythm. Each member in the team must know when, and where, they must step. Communication is a major key to accomplishing this task.

Debriefing Questions:

  • What made you succeed in this teamwork games?
  • How important was communication?
  • Who took charge?
  • Were all ideas listened to? Why or why not?

Teachable Moments:

The teamwork initiative helps teams focus their individual desires and goals on reaching one team goal. Groups will hear and experience first-hand how they communicate and act in high-pressure situations when they must succeed. Facilitators should focus groups on seeing how they can improve their communication and actions to complete tasks. Leaders will emerge and facilitators will be able to see who is the ìvoiceî of the team.

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Additions/Changes for increased challenge:

  • Use blindfolds – first and last person, every other person, etc.
  • Two feet must be on the bricks at all times instead of just one (See rule 5 above).
  • Allow only one person to talk.
  • Mix the line up – switch the order.
  • Re-arrange the blocks and put a loop in it:


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