Low Energy Teambuilder games

What is teambuilders teamwork games?

Teambuilders games make up the next section of this packet. These teamwork games differ from icebreakers teamwork games. In that they involve follow-up discussion that should teach leadership lessons or further illustrate important leadership practices. The teambuilders teamwork games in this packet are categorized as “high energy”, “low energy”, or “problem-solving” activities. All of these experiential teamwork games are designed to help new and established teams build trust, gain confidence, enhance communication and decision- making skills, and illuminate a variety of different leadership styles and techniques.

teamwork games

Building Feedback Information

  • Games tool: these teamwork games need cardboard box, 30 ball.
  • Number of people: Group size is 6-12 member for these teamwork games more attractive.
  • Instructions:

1) Select a volunteer in the team.

2) Volunteers will stand to face the rest of the team. Place a cardboard box behind the volunteer. The distance is about 1.5 meters away.

3) Place the thirty ball within reach of the volunteer.

4) The rest of team give direction to the volunteer that will help him or her to throw the balls into the cardboard.

6) Occasionally stopping to ask  the volunteer, which direction are actually helpful. And why?

7) The games going until the volunteer has successfully thrown three balls into the cardboard box.

SupInitial Activityplies.

  • Needed:  these teamwork games Initial Activity Sheet.
  • Number of People: Group.
  • Instructions:

Using the provided “Initial Activity” paper. See how many names of famous people or fictional characters you can create using the initials that are listed at the top of the paper. Try this first by yourself until time is called. Then find a partner, compare famous names and try to come up with more. Time will be called again and get into a bigger group (maybe split the entire group into 2 groups). Count how many names your big group has. Each team will then read off their list of famous names. And the other team should cross out the duplicates. Determine which team came up with the largest number of original names. The suggested initials you should use for this activity are “B.B.”

Numbers Don’t Lie.

  • Supplies Needed: this teamwork games needn’t any games tool.
  • Number of People: The more, the better in these teamwork games.
  • Instructions:
  1. The Team stands in a horseshoe formation. Count off down the line so that each player has a number.
  2. The first person (Number 1 in the lineup) calls out someone else’s number: “Twelve!”. That person immediately calls out someone else’s number: “Five!” That person quickly calls out another number: “Eight!” and so on. The first person to hesitate, at all, or call a wrong number (either their own or one that doesn’t exist), relinquishes his or her place and goes to the end of the line. That person and all who were previously behind him or her in the lineup now have different numbers.
  3. As it continues, people will constantly “blow it”. And have to move to the end of the line. BUT here’s the hitch: Rather than grimacing or groaning. They must raise one fist in the air and say “Yes!” with triumph, and trot proudly to last place. Everyone else must applaud admiringly.

Suggestions: Keep the pace so fast that everybody (including you) “fails” a lot!

Blind Alphabet.

  • Supplies Needed:  these teamwork games at least 50 ft. piece of rope.
  • Number of People: Group.
  • Instructions:

Everyone grab a section of the rope and make sure every other person is located on the opposite side of the rope with both hands on the rope. Tell everyone to look around the room and familiarize themselves with the things around them. Have them do the following activities, with both hands remaining on the rope at all times:

  1. Close their eyes and form an ‘S’ with their bodies and the rope.
  2. Close their eyes and form a ‘C’ with their bodies and the rope.
  3. Allowing only one of the end people to open their eyes and speak, have the group form a ‘Z’. The other people in the group can NOT speak; maybe communicate by stomping feet or nodding, etc.
  4. Close their eyes and without speaking line up in alphabetical order by their first names.

There are many variations to this activity (i.e. shapes, numbers, etc.), please feel free to make up some of your own.

Scissors Communication.

  • Supplies Needed:  these teamwork games 1 pair of scissors.
  • Number of People: 5 or more for these teamwork games more attractive
  • Instructions:
  1. Have all participants sit in a circle facing one another.
  2. The object of the game is for the participants to figure out the communication pattern taking place.
  3. The leader of the group should show participants the scissors in 3 different positions (that do not match the words they are using to describe them. (i.e.scissors open – call that scissors closed or crossed, etc.).
  4. The three positions being used are open, crossed, and closed.
  5. The pattern goes “I am receiving the scissors ______. I am passing the scissors _______. You should fill in the blank with whichever position your legs are in at the time you receive and pass off the scissors.
  6. You may change the position of your legs between receiving them and passing them, or you may leave them in the same position. Either way, you should be discreet so that it is harder for other people in the circle to decipher the pattern.
  7. Participants should attempt to figure out how the scissors are being passed and received each time they get them. The leader should let them know if they are correct in saying how they have received or passed them.


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