Marble Game – Teamwork Initiatives


Teamwork Initiatives.

Time: 30 – 60 min.

Supplies: for this teamwork games, you can either buy the Marble Tubes Set for $40 from Adventure Hardware in their group initiatives section.Or you can create your own using 1”-2” PVC pipe. Cut the PVC into 12” sections (length can vary) then cut the tubes down the middle creating a slide that is open on the top. There should be enough for each team member. You will also need various balls (marbles, ping pong balls, bouncy balls, egg-shaped balls) and a starting/ending bucket.

Layout for this teamwork games:

1. The facilitator should set up a route to follow or “course.” The course will vary in length depending on size and ability of the team. The course should definitely be long enough that team members have to spread way out to go from beginning to end.

2. Add challenge by adding obstacles the team must overcome to get to the finishing point.

  • End Bucket
  • Start Bucket

Basic Description:

The team works together using plastic “tubes” or “slides,” to roll a ball from a starting point to the finishing point of a predetermined course in the shortest amount of time possible.

Teamwork Initiatives


1)    All team members must be used to complete the teamwork initiative.

2)    Each team member can only use one “tube.”

3)    The ball must start at the starting bucket..

4)    When the ball is on a tube the individual holding it cannot move his or her feet.

5)    Once “start” or “go” has been called the ball cannot be touched by the individual (hands, face, etc).

6)    The team must follow the route or course the facilitator has set up.

7)    If the ball is dropped, it is brought back to the starting line and the team must start over.

8)    The team finishes when the last person drops the ball in the canister at the finish bucket.

Additions/Changes for Increased Challenge in this teamwork games.

1)    For high performance teams, ask them to set a time goal for themselves, and then have them keep shortening the time.

2)    Increase the length of the course.

3)    Have the course go up or down a flight of stairs.

The Key:

There is no “trick” to successfully completing this initiative. The obstacle the team must overcome is time. The team must work together to get all individuals to execute perfectly so that maximum speed may be achieved. Many ideas will arise and different techniques used, but the key is practice, communication, and flawless execution.

Debriefing Questions:

  • What was the key to our success?
  • How important was communication?
  • What was it like having to handle the pressure individually to succeed?
  • What was your best? What does it mean to do our best? What is excellence for us?
  • How do we encourage and motivate each other?

Teachable Moments:

The teachable moments in this initiative seem to be limitless. Often teachable moments will vary, as they always do,depending on the team and with what part of the initiative they are struggling the most. When groups just cannot do it,but keep racing to get done in a certain time – facilitators can talk about focus, how to focus on getting it done right, and worrying about time later. Groups that are good, but cannot reach a time goal – and members may want to quit, facilitators can teach about perseverance, what is excellence for them as a team, when to give up. Facilitators can talk about how team success is dependent on individual success and how everyone giving their all is important.

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