Teamwork Initiatives

Teamwork initiatives are a tool. We have found to be extremely effective in teaching leadership lessons, developing team trust, and preparing teams to work together. You will find a collection of teamwork initiatives in our blog. We think it is very beneficial and easy to use. Most of these teamwork initiatives require relatively few supplies and are easy to instruct. teamwork initiatives

How to run an effective teamwork initiative?

The basic outline for running an initiative is as follows:

  • Set-up: Prepare all materials and the initiative prior to team arrival (Supplies, Layout).
  • Set the stage: Tell the team the story of the initiative (Basic Description).
  • Allow the team time: Let the team struggle through the initiative. Every one of these has more than one solution to solving the problem.
  • Pause the action when necessary: If a team is really struggling don’t be afraid to pause the action. And ask the team questions to get them thinking about other possible solutions. You can also ask them questions to point them to leadership principles or team dynamics (Teachable Moments).
  • Celebrate the victory: After a team has accomplished the goal celebrate the victory.
  • Debrief the experience: Take time to teach through the initiative. What did they learn about themselves as a team?
  • What did you notice about them as a team (Debriefing Questions).

A note to Instructors.

While all of these teamwork initiatives have an end goal in mind, the object of the initiative is not necessarily to accomplish the goal. But rather to teach through the initiative. These initiatives will be most effective, when you see them as an opportunity to teach your team something about themselves, leadership, or teamwork. Step back and take in all that is happening. Watch how team members respond to each other. At the end of the initiative take time to debrief the experience with the team.

I create this page to supply you some attractive ourdoor teamwork games.